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Union Bank & Trust - Online Banking Upgrade

As a Union Bank customer you should know by now that they are finally upgrading their online banking system. Let EDGe Business Planning walk you through what you need to do with all the emails you are receiving from Union:

The key email is an email from Union Treasury Services

Secure Email: Important Information Regarding Online Banking Changes

When you click 'Open Message' you will be given a user ID, account #, and temporary password.

NOTE: This is for the NEW Union Bank online which is not active yet.

Go to:

Click 'Verify your account info'

Login with the new credentials. Once you enter these credentials, you will be asked to enter a new password. Make sure you save this userid, account #, and password. You will need this on August 20 when the new system goes live.

You are then required to confirm your phone # and email. Make any necessary changes and save.

That's it. You should see your bank account numbers. You can look around the new system but there is no real data.

You will still login to your current Union online account with the same username/password you have been using until the changeover on August 20th.

Then you will use the new credentials you just set up.

So make sure to save your new login info but don't use it until August 20th, 2018.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to Eric Glymph at EDGe Business Planning is here to help!


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