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The success of your company is our number one priority.


Stacks is a fully remote startup that offers large international clients fractional DAM management and visual asset consulting. Even though Stacks had just formed months earlier, we began working with large international clients with complex billing, accounting and, financial planning needs and quickly found that we were in over our accounting heads. EDGe was able to provide us with a fractional CFO that quickly because a valued member of our leadership team. We have gladly expanded our engagement with EDGe as they have helped us navigate being a remote, international, startup figuring out how to survive and thrive in the 2020 pandemic fueled the economic crisis.

Casey Templeton- Founder, CEO 

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Client Stories

Wall Candy Printing + Taylor Pace Web Design

Wall Candy Printing can handle any commercial or educational printing needs with a focus on academic graphics and print including Diplomas, Certificates, and Accolades for both businesses and schools.  

Taylor Pace Web Design provides quality, affordable website development for small businesses.

Taylor Pace- Owner 

Making the move to hire EDGe Business planning has proven to be one of the best decisions I ever made when I purchased my business. They have offered support far beyond my expectations and I really am not sure we would be where we are without them. From day to day bookkeeping, business consultation all the way up to managing my PPP loan and tracking the expenses for it specifically, I couldn't imagine running my business without them. Eric and Myra have been incredible. They have a client for life!  


The Wilson Group

The Wilson Group is a locally owned/operated boutique style Real Estate & Property Management firm based right here in Richmond, however serves all the surrounding areas including Northern Va, and Hampton Roads. Their concept is based on All About The Experience for their clients, vendors, and team members.  


Owner & Principal Broker, Reed Wilson, approached Paula Graham to be a saving grace in The Wilson Group's accounting side. After failed attempts in the past with other companies which included lack of communication, timely reporting back, delayed entries, and more, Reed partnered with Paula & Edge to outsource this aspect of the company.


Reed Wilson - Owner & Principal Broker

EDGe has been a lifesaver for me & The Wilson Group. Not only did they work diligently to correct our quickbooks account based on inaccurate entries from past companies, they implemented smarter choices for a better financial snapshot of the company.  Communication is amazing, and help is always just a phone call and/or email away, all while being a true partner to our company. I never need to stress about a monthly P&L statement being missed or not correct when reviewing which helps in making better decisions, and easy to complete tax documents when needed.  I would highly, highly recommend EDGe Business Planning.

A to B Kid Shuttle

A to B Kid Shuttle is a transportation service for busy families with active kids. They pick up your child from school and take them straight to their after school activity, buying you more time in your day.

Warren Prescott, the founder of A to B Shuttle, has worked with Eric to track the company's finances, expenses, and to plan for future growth.

Warren Prescott - Founder of A to B Shuttle

As a new entrepreneur with a quickly growing startup, I turned to Eric to help make sense of my company's finances, track expenses, establish pricing, and help chart a course for future growth. His ability to generate insights that I can quickly act upon, coupled with his experience with a wide range of businesses is invaluable. I don't make any major business decisions without consulting with Eric first!

A to B

Patton Gleason - Founder of Thrivident Retail Solutions

Hiring Eric will go down as one of the three best decisions I've made in the last 10 years. There is a direct correlation to our growth as a company and my growth as a leader to his coming on board. He has provided a necessary talent to our business and as an awesome sounding board for me. He is the best parts of a CFO, mentor and analyst.  LinkedIn

Thrivident Retail Solutions

Thrivident is an industry leading solution to help retailers sell their old inventory. They do this by helping retailers turn their old inventory into cash, free up staff time to focus on the best customers and reallocate floor space to more profitable products.


The owner, Patton Gleason, approached Eric in his search to find someone who had a talent for analysis, extreme organization, high accountability and a vision that the work done today would yield results in the future. Thrivident was growing rapidly and Eric helped to identify areas for financial and operational improvement.


Riverstone Revitalized

Riverstone is a Richmond based general contracting and construction management company serving areas throughout the state of Virginia. With a strong clear partnership approach, our growing commitment to excellence can be seen in over 8,500,000 square feet of commercial interiors completed in Corporate, Government, Historical, Industrial, Instititutional, Medical, and Retail establishments.

The owner, Amanda Wheeler, initially contacted Eric to obtain guidance and understanding of the finances of her 17+ year old family business. Furthermore, she was seeking an external resource to provide an alternative perspective and provide feedback and support of how best to grow the business moving forward.

I felt as though I was drowning in a sea of financial misunderstanding - Eric was my lifesaver! We now have systems in place which help to provide a clear picture of where we need to be and how to get there. It took several “therapy” sessions to boost my financial confidence however, Eric was incredibly patient with me and always offered a smile and a solution. He also provided me with some amazing financial contacts, including my accountant and banker, and has served as a liaison between. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your business finances are in competent hands.

Amanda Wheeler - Owner of Riverstone Revitalized

The owner of EDGe Business Planning, Eric Glymph (A.K.A my Dad), has helped me not only with business strategy and marketing but has also shown me how to start up a small business of my own. Eric saw my dream, believed in it, and took me through the steps I needed to open my spa doors. 


Now both my Dad and I are small business owners. While we get the chance to bond over our experiences, we also get together every month to re-analyze my monthly records and look for our next financial step.  Although I am his daughter and may be partial, EDGe will work with every client the same way he has worked with me. With EDGe Business Planning’s experience they will understand your mission and where you want to go and help you get there. LinkedIn

Sam Glymph - Owner of Curly Willow Spa

Curly Willow Spa

Curly Willow Spa is a concept that began early 2017 with the goal to turn insecurities in to empowerment for women. Located in the heart of Richmond, VA, owner Sam Glymph specializes in eyelash extensions and esthetics. 

Endorphin Fitness

Endorphin Fitness exists to transform lives. They do this by unlocking a person’s potential through nationally recognized endurance coaching and fitness training as well as pairing them with the right gear to succeed through their retail store. 


The owner Michael Harlow approached Eric in 2013 to help him gain a good understanding of Endorphin Fitness’ financial situation.  Endorphin Fitness was growing rapidly and Michael wanted to make sure he understood the key drivers of his business and have a solid strategy to reach his goals. 


Over the past 5 years the EDGe team has worked closely with Michael to develop a strategy to grow the business in Richmond and into other areas in northern and eastern Virginia.  In addition, EDGe has helped Michael with:


  • Understanding the key profitability metrics in each part of Endorphin Fitness business

  • Creating a monthly budget which is used by department managers to set goals

  • Closely monitoring cash flow and improve cash flexibility

  • Implementing a new retail and inventory point of sale system for the retail shop

Eric is a consultant for my business, Endorphin Fitness. As a consultant, Eric has reviewed our financials and built a 3-year model that guides our daily decision making. His understanding of not only finance but all aspects of business has greatly impressed me. He has had a large impact on my business, and I am confident he would be a large asset for any other business as well.  LinkedIn

Michael Harlow - Owner of Endorphin Fitness

The Wireless Experience

The Wireless Experience is a multi-state AT&T Authorized retailer for AT&T products and services including wireless phones, tablets, Digital Life, and DirecTV. The Wireless Experience has been growing rapidly over the past few years and the owner Brian Wainwright was looking for guidance to properly manage this growth and set goals for his business. In addition to developing a budget and key metrics to track the business, Eric also worked with Brian on reviewing potential growth opportunities. EDGe continues to work closely with Brian and his team to profitably manage growth.

Working with Eric and his team at EDGe has been extremely impactful for my business. Initially we worked together to develop a budget for our multi-unit business but what I received in addition was the education in understanding it in a clear concise manner. The next evolution was reporting on additional metrics we had not contemplated previously in how to better analyze the activities tied to the budget and the financial health of the organization.

Brian Wainwright - CEO of The Wireless Experience


CreativeMktGroup helps small businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their marketing potential by focusing on the essence of their brand and creatively promoting their story. With Natalie’s unique approach, capabilities and compelling offerings, her business outgrew her ability to manage the invoicing, bookkeeping, cashflow, and overall financial management of her company. 

Upon working together, Eric quickly gathered the facts and financial goals, developed a cash flow analysis and budget, then continuously provided recommendations and consulting for reaching those financial goals. After a few months of adding structure, processes, and organization to CreativeMktGroup’s business financials, Natalie is continually setting new monthly goals for her business which will allow her business to further support the growth of other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

EDGe Business Planning serves as my business’ Fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and as such, I can depend on them to fully support all financial aspects of my business. Eric’s professional experience, simplistic processes and his ability to communicate with full transparency about the financial status of my business, has given me the ability to grow my business to new levels which allows me to help other businesses grow.

Natalie Toalson McNamara - Creative Marketing Consultant / Founder, CreativeMktGroup 

Green Dreams Lawn Care & Property Management

Green Dreams Lawn Care and Property Management is a rapidly growing residential and commercial lawn and property grounds maintenance business based in Richmond, VA.  The owner, Trevor, approached EDGe to help him understand his financial situation better and develop a plan for growth.  His business was growing rapidly but he didn’t want to continue to grow until he felt comfortable he could grow profitably.


Eric met with Trevor and discussed Trevor’s business and personal goals.  Eric and his team 1st reviewed his current financial data and prepared a financial review of his current business.  They then developed a monthly budget with metrics that Trevor used to track his actual results each month for both his residential and commercial business.  Green Dreams continues to grow and Trevor is working with EDGe to make sure he has the financial resources needed to sustain this growth.

EDGe has helped me understand my financials on a deep level. They have presented data to me in an easy to understand way that allows me to implement operational changes, make more precise estimates, and figure out what services are the most profitable. EDGe has taken the time to understand my industry and help me achieve my goals professionally and personally.

Trevor Danneman - Owner of Green Dreams Lawn Care & Property Management

Integrative Partners

Integrative Partners is a committed provider of leadership development for individuals, teams, and their organizations to perform more effectively at all these levels and ensure their sustainable success. 

As we were closing our books for the current year, the process of converting to Quickbooks was frankly - overwhelming. In just a short meeting with EDGe, they helped us break the process into manageable steps that made the process not only become doable, but actually something that we were now looking forward to finally accomplishing. Not only was EDGe professional, they were also compassionate and understanding.

                                                                            Petra Platzer, PhD, ACC - President & Chief Co-Creator

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