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Todd Bradberry - Parallel Management Company

The marketing team for EDGe Business Planning recently spoke with Todd Bradberry of Parallel Management Company about their business and how they provide simple solutions for their clients.

Todd Bradberry, the Founder and CEO of Parallel Management Company replied with, "It’s been said that “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast." At Parallel Management Company, we believe that leaders must drive Strategy and Culture in parallel. Many of our clients struggle with unwanted turnover, disengaged employees, and dysfunctional teams. Our simple solution is a tool set that helps leaders treat “culture” as a verb. Rather than standing by helplessly, they intentionally define, nurture, and steer the culture. Our state-of-the-art assessment tools and training help leaders “culture” the organization."

Todd says, "'Culturing' begins with placing the right people in the right positions. Get that part right, and the rest is easy! Their PXT Select™ assessment helps select, develop, and coach the right players. Everything DiSC® assessments and training, their Culture Catalyst™, then helps the team communicate and work together effectively. And for taking the team to a whole new level, they offer The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™."

To learn how PMCo helps build championship teams, please visit


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