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Client Business Opportunities

It has been a busy summer – Richmond is booming!  Everyone I talk to from clients to friends to colleagues are all very busy with new opportunities.  My team and I have been busy, as well!  We are working with several clients to help them grow their business.  Here's some things that we've been working on:

  • Working with business owners to develop job requirements for new employees needed to grow their business.

  • Assisting in negotiations with new business opportunities.

  • Developing a financial reporting framework for a business that is about to open multiple locations.

  • Creating a summarized financial report of multiple business segments so the owners can see their whole business.

  • Updating financial business plans for startups.

  • Helping many clients get set up in Quickbooks and use it effectively.

  • Preparing a forecast of sales by product for the business owner to use with his overseas manufacturers.

  • Talking with business owners frequently on short and long term business strategy.

  • Improving cash collection processes to reduce risk of loss and increase availability of cash.

If your growing business needs help, give EDGe Business Planning a call today!


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