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Simple 'Marketing' Solutions

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

EDGe Business Planning is known for providing simple financial solutions to their clients. Over the years, we have met many businesses that provide superior, simple solutions to their clients in many areas.

Without further ado, meet Natalie McNamara of CreativeMktGroup. Natalie received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Radford University. With over 15 years of management experience in marketing, sales, branding, and business development within industries ranging from medical, finance, and legal, Natalie contributes her marketing expertise to benefit the growth and success of EDGe Business Planning by finding simple solutions for marketing problems.

"Everyday CreativeMktGroup hears from small business owners that when it comes to their business’ marketing and business development efforts, they simply don't know where to start, nor how to prioritize their budget, focus and time to take action. As a result, CreativeMktGroup has helped hundreds of businesses and their owners and staff by creating and offering collaborative marketing sessions. Upon completion of these sessions, businesses gain clarity, direction and confidence of how to move forward with their marketing efforts. CreativeMktGroup aims to help startups and small businesses grow to the next level with simple solutions."

Natalie is actively raising two precious little boys to become smart, well-rounded and accomplished young men. In between lots of sports, their family enjoys experiencing new adventures in the beautiful state of Virginia, including skiing, hiking, and boating.


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