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Wabash & Lake Advertising

If you own or operate a local business then you know that advertising can be tough to figure out on your own. There are dozens of choices that lead to tons of calls and unwanted visits from media sales reps. Then once you pick a direction you have to figure out just what you want to say. 

After 24 years in advertising and media around Richmond, I built my company, Wabash & Lake Advertising, to make advertising easy for local businesses. We do so by answering these questions and more: Where should we advertise?          Radio? Print? Digital? TV? How much should we spend?        Can we even spend enough to stand out? What works and what doesn’t?      How long should we advertise for? Most importantly: What should our message be? We help local businesses answer these questions by answering the last question first. We get to know you, discover how you solve the real needs of your potential customer, then present only the most effective and affordable ways to advertise. By putting the message/emotion that we want your potential customer to experience at the front of the process it allows us to advertise smarter, more effectively, and more affordably than you can on your own. This different approach has earned us the label of the "anti-ad agency" in town and is something I wear like a badge of honor! A few examples of local businesses we proudly represent are Window Depot of Richmond/Charlottesville, Tom Leonard's Farmer's Market, W.G. Speeks Heating & Air Conditioning, Dance's Sporting Goods, The Tin Pan, Atlas 42, Tech For Troops, and many (many) more.    I'm Joe Doran, Owner & Chief Creative Strategist at Wabash & Lake Advertising. This is how we make advertising easy for our local customers and we can do the same for your business!  or call anytime: 804-519-9873


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