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Christopher Jones - Authentic Leader

Meet Christopher Jones, an Authentic Leader! Christopher is an accomplished leadership and performance authority who helps leaders create high performers in their organization. He is a professional speaker, a facilitator of workshops, training programs, and group meetings, as well as a consultant and coach to authentic leaders.

When EDGe asked Christopher, ”how do you provide Simple Solutions to your clients?", he says, “I help leaders who are hungry to be more effective in their leadership. I am not an academic leadership consultant. If that is what you need, I have friends and business connections that I am glad to connect you with. I help leaders get out of their own way. I help leaders become more authentic in their leadership by clearly defining the kind of leader they aspire to be. I walk leaders through exercises that help them identify their unique leadership values and strategies as they become a more authentic leader. I also help leaders to determine their clear leadership goals with the actions they need to accomplish to get there.

I don't tell leaders what to do. Leaders are surprised to learn that they already have in them what they need to do to be more effective in their leadership. I just help them to uncover what they need to do during our sessions.

“Once the plan is established (on a simple one page), I simply hold leaders accountable to accomplish what they committed to do. Just because it is simple, does not mean it is easy. I hold leaders accountable, not in a confrontational way, but in a way that sometimes makes leaders uncomfortable because leaders can't hide when making excuses. Sometimes there is a legitimate reason not to complete an action, but sometimes it is an excuse. I help leaders to see the difference.”

NOTE: Christopher offers a three-month Authentic Coaching Package that can be found here.


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