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Alison Conners- CEO Curator

Meet Alison Conners, founder of CEO Curator. As a founding partner of CEO Curator, we've watched Alison become a trusted resource for her clients, and have seen first hand this simple solution make a huge impact. Here's what she had to say when we asked how she provides simple, effective services to her clients.

"We provide simple solutions for our clients by giving them access to a proven pool of local resources that they can contact and hire themselves. Anything they may want to outsource their business objectives to, short of hiring a full time employee, we can help them locate. We do not assemble the teams for them, we do not take a cut of any business deals made as a result. We simply weed out the people in the market who are only experts at saying that they are experts, and invite in only those proven businesses that five other CEOs have vouched for. In this way, we enable local decision makers of large companies to support local small businesses in their own communities (without the risks usually involved in doing so), thus creating a curated community of trusted RVA businesses that can help each other grow and thrive."

Interest in learning more about CEO Curator? Check out their full website here:


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