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5 Business Principles I Learned From Becoming an Ironman Triathlete

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Robin Green on his podcast Lead.Learn.Grow about how 10 years of training and racing triathlons prepared me to leave corporate America and start my own business, EDGe Business Planning, as well as live a more fulfilling life. In the podcast, I touched on some of the 5 principles I learned as a triathlete that helped me on my journey to this fulfilling life both personally and professionally.

My journey toward becoming an Ironman changed my mindset and ignited a passion and desire to help others be successful in their businesses. The parallels between training and racing triathlons and starting a business are numerous. Without the discipline, desire, and passion that I learned while training to become an Ironman, I would not have ultimately made the successful leap to start my own business.

As I approach my 6th year as an entrepreneur and my 13th year as a triathlete, I want to share these life experiences with my network of business professionals in hopes that it will provide valuable guidance, motivation, and support to fellow entrepreneurs. Starting this Wednesday and for the next 5 weeks I will be sharing the 5 principles I used to be successful. I hope you will find them useful and if they do, I hope you will reach out to me to let me know specifically how it has impacted your career or personal life fulfillment.

Coming next Wednesday – Principle #1 – Discover Your Desire

Ironman is the ultimate endurance event - a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and marathon 26.2 run all done in the same day. Less than 1% of the global population has completed an Ironman. I have competed in 79 triathlons of all distances including 3 Ironman distance events


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