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Small Business Investors

EDGe helps investors get the accurate and reliable financial information they need to monitor their investment.


EDGe helps investors and startups gain financial confidence by providing accurate financial information to both parties. 


Business investors can receive the benefits of having the companies they invest in work with EDGe.

The company receives the personal guidance and simple plans that are unique to EDGe.


Investors get accurate, reliable, and timely financial information that allows them to monitor their investment.

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Investor Services

EDGe gathers potential investments financial data in order for you to have the information needed to make an informed investment decision.  EDGe works with owners to make sure their existing business model and current results are financially sound and accurate giving investors confidence in the data. 
EDGe works directly with company owners to manage day to day financials including cash flow, bill pay, invoicing, and collections.  As an investor, you have confidence that the business is being run with financial discipline and accuracy.
EDGe attends company board meetings with the owners to provide financial guidance and analysis to the board. In turn investors can get their questions answered by financial experts knowledgable in the business results and likewise owners gain confidence in their board meetings.
EDGe will update financial projections as the business model changes. Investors and owners can work with EDGe to run various financial scenarios to see how changes in strategy might impact results including the needs for additional funding. 
We will assist with providing financial guidance on short and long term business decisions.  

Investors and owners can quickly see the financial impacts of business decisions.  

Ongoing Support

We make it simple, easy and affordable for any small business to get financial guidance.

Payment Options

Monthly Fees

No Contracts or Long Term Commitments

Fees Paid by
Investor or Company  

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Check out our process for small businesses.

Gain investment assurance.

Contact us directly to discuss how we can help you invest confidently knowing you have a reliable financial team supporting you and the companies you invest in.

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