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Paige Stevens - Paige Stevens Photography

Meet Paige! Paige Stevens is a Richmond photographer who focuses on capturing people's life stories. Paige recently met with the marketing team at EDGe about how she provides simple solutions for her clients.

Photographing creative headshots is her specialty and passion. She recently worked with EDGe to create the story for their website. When asked how she provides simple solutions to capture the essence of her subjects, she said, "My simple solution for my clients...wear something that is comfortable, be yourself, think proud and confident thoughts, and let's have some fun! Just think of me as your very talented photographer friend because when we are done, I will be."

Paige's approach to photography has made a huge impact on her clients by allowing them to relax and forget they are getting their photo taken.

Paige recently did group shots for EDGe around the office, and we got to see her simple solution in action. It was relaxed, fun, and effective. Thank you, Paige!

To learn more about Paige Stevens and to view her work visit her full site here.


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